Новый выпуск журнала "Горное дело"


The self-propelled bolting rig SWK-2B is destined to install bolts in methane-free mining excavations metal ore mines.Easy handled boom and low overall height of the machine in its transport arrangement enable driving under pipelines while steering system allows to drive through crossings which cross under 90° angle.

Main dimensions and technical data



Transporting length ~ 10830 mm
Car height 2200 mm
Car width 2400 mm
Axle base 3300 mm
Wheel track 1800 mm
Clearance 330 mm
Inner turning radius 3400 mm
Outer turning radius 5700 mm
Turn angle 42°
Operating weight ~ 17000 kg
Speed (forward and reverse)  
I gear
0-6 km/h
II gear 0-12 km/h
III and IV gear locked


Driving system


Engine SW 400/L2 WSW "Andoria" S.A. Andrychow
Exhaust system catalyst CE-8SX CEPL + washer
Induction system air filter GF-7.60.00 POLMO Brodnica
Torque converter ZM 130N ZHS Lodz
Transmission SB 102KP Bumar Mr^gowo
Driving axles 443-05-0000 FON Radomsko
Driving shafts 8 - holes Polmo Szczecin
Tyres 14.0 x 24 tube
Turning system (hydrostatic) ZF
Braking system

wo-way, hydraulic with pneumatic aided with

disc brakes and clamps type B.F. Goodrich, with system to feed emergency-parking brake (HAP)


Working unit

Bolting head WWK-2,2K FUM Chocianow
Hammer drifter TMK-1 Z D. Lubin
Control panel with distributors:

PVG-32 2-section Danfoss

PVG-32 5-section Danfoss

PVG-32 6-section Danfoss

Distributor of carriage: PVG-32 8-section Danfoss
Compressor MK-13 Z.D. Lubin
Oiler Lucznik
Oil cooler FG-120 Bowman
High pressure hydraulic oil filter FD2-100-160-10/SW2 WF "PZL - S^dziszow"
Hydraulic oil drain filter FD1-10-200 WF "PZL - S^dziszow"
Electric motor 37 kW CELMA S.A. Cieszyn
Hydraulic pump P648A Warynski Hydraulika S.A.
Water pump CRN-4-80 Grundfos
Water filter FS TAMROCK
Water pressure valve WP-42 TAMROCK
Hydraulic jacks GWP-2B ZANAM
Main switch ZANAM
Halogen projectors PM-1, MP-2 Z.D. Lubin
Cable reel BL2 Z.D. Lubin
Water hose reel SWK2 Z.D. Lubin

Additional equipment


- Box for cement load, nuts, washers

- Case for bolts 2,20 m
- Box for lubricant 5 l
- Drifter shield
- Wedges under wheels and holders for wedges
- Road signs and stands for road signs
- Holder for extinguisher
- Extinguisher min. 6 kg ( 1 pc. )






- Hammer drifter HD-65 Boart-Lena with hydraulic pump working unit type P369 Warynski Hydraulika S.A.


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