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Bolting Rig - Low SWKN-1/1H "KOT" ENG

Bolting Rig - Low SWKN-1/1H "KOT"



Bolting Rig SWKN-1/1H is destined to building resin and expansion bolts by bolting-drilling heads in not-methane excavations in underground mines metal ores.Large freedom in manoeuvring with boom and steering turn permits drive on crossing about external radius of turn about 6200 mm, at minimum - widths of corridor 3570 mm and heights below 1950 mm.Good stability of rig assures drive in excavations about longitudinal inclination to 15° and to transverse inclination to 8°.


Bolting rig consists from two principle elements: tractor and working unit. There are joint with oneself bearing joint about perpendicular axis of turn. Frame of tractor (of new construction - ZANAM) fastened is to axle by cradle about inclination ±7°. Between element built-in are two hydraulic cylinders realizing turn of machine. Driving system (on two axles) consists from: engine, hydrostatic system of carriage drive (pump - hydraulic engines fastened to driving axles) and "wet bridges" . On tractor will built-up be such auxiliary devices as: water pump, air-compressor, cable reel, hose reel, etc. Working element consists from boom, bolting head and hammer drifter hydraulic propelled. Bolting heads are adapted to building bolts about length 1,6 m to 2,2 m.Drive of working unit is realized from electric mine - nets 500V.Machine possesses operator's protective construction realizing in full range of requirement of mining - norm PN-92 / G-59001 "Constructions protecting operator before sliding rocks. Requirements and investigations." for charges with dynamic energy 60 kJ.


Main dimension and technical data


11 900 mm
height 1 750 mm
width 2 000 mm
axle base 3 320 mm
wheel 2 000 mm
base clearance 320 mm
inner turning radius 3 690 mm
outer turning radius 6 200 mm
inclination of cradle
turning system 39°
hill climbing / downhill angle 24° / 13°
operating weight 14 360 kg
ressure in tires (front and rear) 0,75 MPa
speed max

I gear - 6 km/h

II gear - 13 km/h






engine Deutz BF4M 1012C
catalyst + silencer CEPL
air filter Mann
coupling/adapter carrying drive firm Rexroth: SAE 4/10" - Balboni
drive firm Rexroth:

variable delivery pump A4VG71D

variable absorptivity hydraulic engines A6VM107

axles (wet) Clark - Hurth serial 177
tires with tubes 12.00 R20 X MINE D2 MICHELIN
Turning system (hydrostatic) Danfoss
Braking system (hydraulic) Safim
bolting-drilling head: WK-1,8-C ZD Lubin
hammer drifter HD-65 BOART
oil cooler FG 120
control panel with distributors Danfoss DFM ZANAM
water pump CRN-4-80 Grundfos
hydraulic jacks GWP-2B or HPS.00 DFM ZANAM













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