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Bolting Rig SWK-1/1A ENG

Bolting Rig SWK-1/1A


Bolting Rig SWK-1/1A is destined to building bolts in not methane mining-excavations in underground mines metals ores and mineral raw.Large freedom in manoeuvring of boom and steering turn make possible drive on crossroads about outer turning radius about 6200 mm.Good stability of rig assures drive both during drives straight as also during turn in direction to back or forward in excavations about inclination in axis of rig to 12° and in direction perpendicularto 5°.Working unit consists from boom, bolting-drilling head and hydraulic propelled hammer-rotary drifter to drilling holes about diameter 028 mm or 038 mm. Head is adapted to buildings resin and expansion bolts about length 1,8 m or other in according to request of customer. It is equipped in cartridge for 8 bolts.Machine possesses operator's protective construction realizing in full range of requirement of mining - norm PN-92 / G-59001 "Constructions protecting operator before sliding rocks. Requirements and investigations." for charges with dynamic energy 60 kJ.


Main dimensions and technical data


length 10800 mm
basic version. 2400 mm
lower version 2200 mm
width 2250 mm
axle base 3300 mm
wheel base 1800 mm
clearance 330 mm
inner turning radius 3210 mm
outer turning radius 5410 mm
turn angle 42°
operating weight 16000 kg




Engine 6CT 107-2/L2 WSW "ANDORIA"
Induction system FNZ-1200 WF S^dziszow
Exhaust system 8SX + 8SS CEPL
Transmission B-102 KP-E/BHiNO-II
Torque converter ZM 130N ZHS Lodz
Turn system Danfoss
Driving axles "wet":  
front 479-32-000 FON Radomsko
rear 479-31-000 FON Radomsko
Service brake multidisks "wet"
Emergency parking brake HAP
Braking system pneumatic-hydraulic
Tyres 14,0x24 - tube
Operator's seat SA 50/1 (Kunow)
Lubrication point manual
Operator's cab closed, heated
Heating cab water with ventilator
Articulated crane 1500 kgm (lifting moment)



- Air conditioning

- Automatic bolting-drilling head - WKB-1,8/4 (ZD Lubin - cartridge for 4 bolts)

- It is possible using components (checked in exploitation conditions) other producers in according to individual requirements of receiver.

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