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Drilling Rig SWW-1/1P ENG

 Drilling Rig SWW-1/1P

Drilling rig SWW-1/1P is destined to drilling blast-holes about length 3200 mm in mining excavations underground mines metal ores. Working unit makes possible drilling holes about diameter to 64 mm. Working element consists from boom built-up on platform, feed and hammer drifter with pneumatic drive. Large freedom in manoeuvring of boom and little height of rig in transporting position makes possible drive under pipelines and turn steering makes possible drive on crossings exacting outer turning radius 7250 mm.


Transporting length 12250 mm
Height 2450 mm
Width 2500 mm
Axle base 3300 mm
Wheel base 1800 mm
Clearance 330 mm
Inner turning radius 2800 mm
Outer turning radius 7250 mm
Turn angle 42°
Operating weight 17200 kg
Pressure in tires:  
Front 0,6 MPa
Rear 0,6 MPa
Speed (forward and back)  
I gear 0÷6 km/h
II gear 0÷12 km/h
III and IV gear blocked



Engine SW400/Ł2/7 WSW "Andoria" S.A. Andrychów
Exhaust system catalyst SZOP + washer
Torque converter ZM-130N/P ZHS Łódź
Transmission SB 102KP-E/BHiNO II Bumar-Mrągowo
Axle – front / rear 479-31-0000 / 479-32-0000 FM Radomsko
Driving axles 8 – holes Polmo Szczecin
Turning system (hydrostatic) Danfoss
Tires 14.0 x 24 S29 tube
Braking system two-way hydraulic with pneumatic aided with service
brake multidisks, with system to drive emergencyparking
Working unit  
Boom WTH5-1500
Feed RP.1
Drifter WUP-70
High pressure hydraulic oil filter FD1-10-200 (2 pcs.) WF "PZL – Sędziszów"
Hydraulic jacks (4 szt.) GWP-2B ZANAM
Distributors DANFOSS PVG-32 (6-sections - pc 1)
(8-sections - pc. 1)
Additional equipment  
− Wedges under wheels and holders for wedges  
− Holder for extinguisher  
− Extinguisher min. 6 kg (2 pcs.)  



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