Новый выпуск журнала "Горное дело"
Volvo Wheel Loader L330D



• Wet disc brakes – fully sealed,
forced oil-cooled, outboard
• Posi-Torq limited-slip differentials
in front and rear axles
• Care Cab II – pressurized cab
with high comfort and safety
• Contronic II monitoring system
• Load-sensing hydraulic
system – working and steering
• Engine output SAE J1995:
gross 370 kW (503 hp)
ISO 9249, SAE J1349:
net 366 kW (498 hp)
• Operating weight: 48,5–52,0 t
• Buckets: 6,1–13,5 m3
• Volvo high performance low
emission engine, with exellen
low rpm performance. The
engine meets all known
regulations regarding exhaust
emission for off-road machines
until year 2002
• Pilot-operated working
Optional equipment
• Long boom
• Boom Suspension System
• Comfort Drive Control





The Contronic II monitoring system provides information on scheduled service intervals and machine condition. Minimizes time required for troubleshooting. Service accessibility: Large, easy-to-open service doors with gas springs. Swing-out radiator grille, fan and radiator. Possibility to log and analyze data to facilitate troubleshooting.


Refill capacities
Fuel tank
Engine coolant 90
Hydraulic tank 336
Hydraulic system 552
Engine oil 61
Transmission 92
Wheel hubs, ea 20,8
Differentials, ea. 68,1
Midmount bearing 4,7




The Volvo engine offers high torque and quick response at low rpm. The machine operates efficiently at low engine speeds which contributes to good fuel economy, less noise,reduced wear and longer life. Engine: High performance - Low emission, 4-stroke, 6- cylinder in-line diesel engine with direct injection, turbo charger and intercooler. Wet eplaceable cylinder liners. Air cleaning: three-stage Cooling system: Hydrostatic fan with separate circuit for the intercooler.


Engine Volvo TD 164 KAE
Max power at 30,0 r/s (1800 r/min)
SAE J1995 gross 370 kW (503 hp)
ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net 366 kW (498 hp)
Max torque at 16,7 r/s (1000 r/min)
SAE J1995 gross 2370 Nm
ISO 9249, SAE J1349 et 2340 Nm
Displacement 16,12





Contronic II monitoring system with increased function control. Electrical system with circuit boards, well protected by fuses. The system is pre-wired for installation of optional equipment. Central warning system: Central warning light for the following functions, (buzzer with gear engaged): Engine oil pressure, transmission oil pressure, brake pressure, parking brake, hydraulic oil level, brake cooling oil temperature, steering system pressure, coolant temperature, transmission oil temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, overspeeding in engaged gear, brake charging.


Voltage 24 V
Batteries, series/parallel 4x12 V
Battery capacity, total 238 Ah
Cold cranking capacity, ea 1250 A
Reserve capacity, ea 320 min
Alternator rating 2240 W / 80 A
Starter-motor output 7,5 kW (10.0 hp)




Drivetrain and working hydraulics well-matched to achieve optimum productivity. Dependable well proven design throughout the whole drivetrain. Torque converter: Single-stage.Transmission: Power shift, countershaft with single lever control. Directional and range modulation provide fast and smooth shifting. Shifting system: Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS II) with mode selector. Axles: Fully floating axle shafts with planetary-type heavy duty hub reductions. Cast-steel axle housing. Fixed front axle and oscillating rear axle. Posi-Torq limited-slip differentials in front and rear axle.


Torque Converter C9672
Transmission C8421H
Torque multiplication 2,29:1
Speeds, max  
1 forward/reverse 6,6 km/h
2 forward/reverse 11,6 km/h
3 forward/reverse 19,9 km/h
4 forward/reverse 34,2 km/h
Measured with tires 35/65R33 XLD D1* L-4
Front axle and rear axle 21D 5568
Oscillation, rear axle ±12 °
Total 564 mm





Simple, reliable system ensures high availability and safety. Self-adjusting, forced oil-cooled wet disc brakes give long service life. Service brakes: Fully hydraulic operated system with outboard mounted oil-cooled, wet disc brakes at each wheel. Filtered and cooled oil circulates through each brake when engine is running. Transmission declutch during braking can be preselected by a switch on the instrument panel. Secondary brake: Dual circuit axle-by-axle system. Actuated by service brake pedal. Low pressure alarm. Dead engine braking capability provided by three nitrogen-charged accumulators. Parking brake: Dry disc type mounted on front axle input shaft. Spring applied, electro-hydraulically released via a switch on the instrument panel. Applies automatically when the key is turned off. Pump: Two variable-flow axial piston pumps common with the main hydraulic system. Standards: The brake system complies with the requirements of ISO 3450, SAE J1473.


Brake pressure setting 6,55 MPa
Number of discs/wheel 6
Number of accumulators 3
Accumulators, volume 2x 4.0
1x 0.5




Easily operated steering results in fast work cycles. The power-efficient system results in good fuel economy, good directional stability and a smooth ride. Steering system: Load-sensing hydrostatic articulated steering. System supply: The steering system has priority feed from a load-sensing axial piston pump. Pump: Axial piston pump with variable displacement. Steering cylinders: Two double-acting cylinders.


Steering cylinder 2
Bore 125 mm
Piston rod diameter 70 mm
Stroke 493 mm
Relief pressure 26,0 MPa
Max. flow 325 l/min.
Articulation ± 35°

Standards: Steering system complies with ISO 5010 and
SAE J1511




Care Cab II with wide door opening and comfortable instep. Inside of cab lined with noise-absorbent materials. Noise and vibration suppressing suspension. Good all-round visibility through large glass areas. Curved front windshield of greentinted glass. Ergonomically positioned controls and instruments permit a comfortable operating position. Instrumentation: All important information is centrally located in the operator's field of vision. Display for Contronic II monitoring system. Heater and defroster: Heater coil and air conditioner with filtered fresh air and fan with four speeds. Defroster vents for all window areas cab air can be recirculated. Operator's seat: Operator's seat with adjustable suspension and retractable seatbelt. The seat is mounted on a bracket on the rear cab wall. The forces from the retractable seatbelt are absorbed by the seat rails. Standard: The cab is tested and approved according to ROPS (ISO/CD 3471, SAE J1040), FOPS (ISO 3449, SAE J231). The cab meets with requirements according to ISO 6055 ("protective roof for high-lift vehicles") and SAE J386 ("Operator Restraint System").


Emergency exits 2
Sound level in cab
according to ISO 6396
LpA 76 dB (A)
External sound level
according to ISO 6395
LwA 110 dB (A)
Ventilation 9 m3/min
Heating capacity 11 kW
Air conditioning (optional Equipment) 8 kW





The Load-sensing hydraulics deliver the exact amount of oil required for the function used. At the same time, complete control of the hydraulics is achieved throughout the entirelifting range. The high capacity of the pumps results in quick and smooth movements. System supply: Two load-sensing axial piston pumps with variable displacement. The steering function always has priority from one of the pumps. Valves: Double-acting 2-spool valve. The main valve is controlled by a 2-spool pilot valve. Lift function: The valve has four positions; raise, hold, lower and float position. Inductive/magnetic automatic boom kickout can be switched on and off and is adjustable to any position between maximum reach and full lifting height. Tilt function: The valve has three functions; rollback, hold and dump. Inductive/magnetic automatic tilt can be adjusted to the desired bucket angle. Cylinders: Double-acting cylinders for all functions. Filter: Full flow filtration through 20 micron (absolute) filter cartridge.


Relief pressure maximum, pump 1 26 MPa
Flow 340 l/min
at 10 MPa
and engine speed 30,0 r/s (1 800 r/min)
Relief pressure, pump 2 26 MPa
Flow 250 l/min
at 10 MPa
and engine speed 30,0 r/s (1 800 r/min)
Pilot system
Relief pressure
3,5 MPa
Cycle times
8,3 s
Tilt* 1,9 s
Lower, empty 4,4 s
Total cycle time 14,6 s

* with load as per ISO 5998 and SAE J818




The Z-bar system is a dependable linkage with good breakout qualities. Ideal for a primary production unit.















Lift cylinder 2
Bore 200 mm
Piston rod diameter 110 mm
Stroke 1170 mm
Tilt cylinder 2
Bore 170 mm
Piston rod diameter 90 mm
Stroke 808 mm






Contronic II,
Monitoring System, ECU
with log and analysis system
Contronic II display
Engine shutdown to idle in case of
malfunction indication:
• High engine coolant temperature
• Low engine oil pressure
• High transmission oil temperature
Start interlock when gear is
Brake test
Test function for warning and
indicator lights
Warning and indicator lights:
• Charging
• Oil pressure, engine
• Oil pressure, transmission
• Brake pressure
• Parking brake
• Hydraulic oil level
• Brake cooling oil temperature
• Primary steering
• Secondary steering
• High beams
• Turn signals
• Rotating beacon
• Preheating coil
• Coolant temperature
• Transmission oil temperature
• Brake charging
Countershaft transmission with
directional and range modulation
Single lever control
Automatic Power Shift (APS II)
Operator controlled declutch
Kickdown to 1st switch on shift lever
and hydraulic console
Brakes, full hydraulic, wet disc,
continuous oil-cooled, 4 wheel
dual-circuit, axle by axle
Secondary brake system, accumulator
Differentials: Posi-Torq limited-slip
front and rear
Switch F/R at hyd. controls
Tyres and rims
Cab and ROPS Canopy
ROPS Canopy (ROPS, SAE J1040,
ISO 3471) FOPS, SAE J231, ISO
Cab (ROPS, SAE J1040, ISO 3471)
Acoustical lining
Air conditioner, 7kW, 24,000 Btu/h
Cigarette lighter
Door lockable (left side access)
Door-open struts
Heater/defroster/pressurizer 11 kW
(37,500 Btu/h) with four speed
blower fan
Filtered air for cab
Floor mat
Instrument panel with symbols
Interior light
Mirror, rearview interior
Mirror, rearview, exterior (2)
Operator seat, ISRI, air suspended,
Safety glass, tinted
Seat belt (SAE J386) retractable
Steering wheel, telescoping,
adjustable tilt
Windshield washers front/rear
Beverage holder
Adjustable lever console
Storage compartment
Sun visor
Windshield wiper, front and rear
Window openable, right-hand side
Wiper, intermittent, front
Cab access steps, hand rails, service
platforms with anti-skid surfaces
(SAE J185)
Service and maintenance
Engine oil remote drain and fill
Lubrication manifolds, ground
Radiator remote drain and fill
Transmission remote drain and fill
Pressure test ports: transmission and
hydraulic, quick connect, grouped on
console for easy access
Fan, hydraulic driven, swing out
Grille, rear, swing out
Air cleaner, dry type, dual element,
with exhaust aspirated precleaner
Coolant filter
Coolant level sight gauge
Engine intake manifold pre-heater
Exhaust rain protection
Flat-round radiator
Low emission
Electrical System
24 volt – prewired for optional
Alternator, 24 Volt, 80 Amp
Back-up alarm, acoustic
Battery disconnect switch, lockable
• engine temperature
• fuel level
• transmission temperature
Horn, electric
• instrument lighting
• parking lights
• stop/tail combination (2 rear)
• turn signals with hazard
warning switch
• working lights, 60 watt
• halogen (6 front and 2 rear)

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT (May be standard in certain markets)

Ref. No. 21 2 669 2325 English
Printed in Sweden 2000-04, 3,0 WLO
Volvo Eskilstuna
Hydraulic System
Main, load-sensing valves, 2 spool,
Pilot valve, 2 spool
Three variable-flow axial piston pumps
(1 have steering priority)
Boom and bucket control levers,
Boom lever detents
Boom lowering system
Boom kickout, automatic, adjustable
Bucket lever detents
Bucket leveler, automatic, adjustable
Control lever safety latch
Steer, load-sensing valve Orbitrol,
Hydraulic pressure test ports, quick
Hydraulic fluid level sight gauge
Hydraulic oil cooler
Drawbar with pin
Isolation mounts: cab, engine,
transmission, radiator
Lifting lugs
Side panels, engine hood
Steering frame lock
Tie-down locations
Vandalism lock, provision for,
batteries, engine coolant, fuel,
hydraulic fluid, transmission/torque
converter fluid, engine side panels
Boom to buckets pins with dual
double-tapered roller bearings
Fenders, front






Service and maintenance
Tool kit
Tool box, lockable
Automatic lubrication system
Engine equipment
Engine block heater, 120 V (US)
Engine block heater, 240 V
2500W (US)
Engine block heater, 220 V
1500W (Europ)
Air. pre-cleaner, oil bath type
Radiator and hyd. oil cooler,
Electrical system
Rotating beacon
Working lights rear, extra
Battery for extrem cold weather
Tyres and rims
35/65-33 (30 PR) L4 FS
35/65-33 (36 PR) L4 FS
35/65-33 (42 PR) L4 FS
35/65-33 (30 PR) L5 FS
35/65-33 (30 PR) L4 GY
35/65-33 (30 PR) L5 GY
35/65R33 RL-5K* L5 GY
35/65R33 XLD DI* L4 MI
35/65-33 XLD D2* L5 MI
35/65R33 XMINE D2* L5 MI
35/65 33 XRDNA L3 MI
35/65-33 VSDL L5 BR
Wood protected rims
Heavy duty rims
Armrest (left) for ISRI operator seat
Dual brake pedals
Steering knob
Instructor's seat
Radio installation kit
Noise reduction kit
Seat belt 3in
Asbestos dust protection filter
Lunch box holder
Radio with tape recorder
Sliding window, door
Sliding window right side
Sound reduction kit
Throttle, lockable
Single key door/start
Sunblinds, side windows
Sunblinds, front/rear windows
Hydraulic system
Attachment locking, without bracket
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid
Boom Suspension System
Hydraulic function, 3rd
Hydraulic function, 4rd
Artic kit
External equipment
Counterweight for block handling
Protective equipment
Guards for stop/tail lights
Guards for std. working light rear
Guards for headlights front
Windshield guard
Window guards side and rear window
Protection plates under cab
Belly guard front and rear
Hose protection for boom cyl.hoses
Radiator grill guards
Other equipment
Comfort Drive Control, CDC
Long boom
Secondary steering
Fuel fill strainer
Logger version



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